Using squirrelmail with qmail, relaying problem

Mattias Björk tysken at
Wed May 28 14:16:39 PDT 2003


> Not sure if it's a typo, but the file should be rcpthosts (not rcphosts).

Ehmm you are correct i missed a letter there.

> Contents should be hostname.domain-name.TLD and domain-name.TLD
> For example on my box:
> nostromo:[/var/qmail/control] >> cat rcpthosts
> Brian

My rcpthosts looks like this:

This is the machine Im sitting on and using as my workstation logning in to
squirrelmail via my LAN.

This is the squirrelmail/apache/qmail server but the LAN domain + LAN 


Those to are the domain/subdomain names for the internet of

I have set my hostname to instead of but 
still get the same error.

But Im thinking that this is not qmail problem that this have something to 
with courier-imap not allowing it but I can be wrong.

Any who thanks for the reply!

Mvh Mattias Björk

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