Setting kernel name in buildkernel

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Copy /kernel to different name, say kernela, and then recompile
kernel source containing changes and it will replace /kernel, then
copy /kernel to different name, say kernelb.  When you want to
return kernela copy kernela to kernel and reboot. You will have to
change the flag on /kernel before you can overwrite it.  Use
commands like this

chflags noschg /kernel
cp /kernela /kernel
chflags schg /kernel

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Suppose I want to build a kernel that will be stored in a file with
a name that I chose instead of the usual /kernel.  Is there a way
to do that without manual file movements?  I suppose this could
interfere with the location of the modules somehow, but I don't know
for sure.

I would appreciate any suggestions for both, -stable and -current.

Thank you,

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