FW: ssh and resolv.conf question

Didier Wiroth freebsd at mcesr.etat.lu
Wed May 28 07:10:11 PDT 2003

The reverse lookup zone is installed and works but, it did not resolve the

Adding nameserver or nameserver as first entry in
resolve.conf still produces the extreme delay (30-40 sec) between the
username and password prompt with an ssh client??!!

When I remove these entries an add two external dns servers, the problem is
solved, why?

Thanks for any help

Wiroth Didier wrote:
[ ... ]
> Now the problem: when I use the "Case2" resolv.conf file
> and I try to log on with my ssh client to
> "Login as:" appears quite instantly but the password
> prompts takes about 50 seconds to appear!
> When I change back resolv.conf to "Case1" there is no problem, 
> "password:" appears rapidely after having entered the username!
> What it is the problem?

Setting up reverse DNS, or adding the machines to /etc/hosts will almost 
certainly help with that sort of delay.  Note that you should probably only
a "search" line, not "domain" and "search".


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