Secondary DNS configuration issue.....

shrikant shrikant at
Wed May 28 02:46:27 PDT 2003

Sir ,

I am setting up an secondary DNS ,

all i want to known is what shall ne the config in the named.conf for the
secondary DNS to get the zone files from the primary .

wat I experienced is :  when i configured the secondary DNS  started the
named daemon on the secondary ,and in the primary i gave the  in named.conf
of primary

options {
        directory "/etc/namedb";
        allow-transfer {;};

so that the transfer happens between the primary and secondary.

question 1)  do we have to maually transfer the zone files  for the first
time  ????

question 2)  If the zones files are not in sync with the Primary and
Secondary DNS ,wat must be the possible cause ???

will be happy if get an answer for this .


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