scsi tape curiousity

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Tue May 27 21:44:04 PDT 2003

In the last episode (May 27), David Bear said:
> Now the question is, when I upgraded my second server, I had to change
> scsi hardware to an adaptec 29160 as my older buslogix/mylex card was
> not supported under freebsd.  I had to go with a wide scsi controller
> becuase my tape unit is an external device that requires wide scsi.
> After all the hardware was ready, and FBSD was installed, I went to
> restore my home directories that were on tape.  My tape unit behaved
> poorly and soon I started to get many strange errors from the kernel.  
> The last message I caught was
> spec_getpages:(#da/0x20000) I/O read failure (error-6) bp 0xc68321bc
> vo 0xcd379ec0
> after that the system becomes unreadable.
> I called the cybernetics people (maker of the tape unit) and their
> recommendation was to put the tape unit on a separate scsi controller
> from the hard drives.  I didn't want to do this since but did anyway.
> It seems to have fixed the problem.  I can now use the tape unit.  The
> question is
> 1) my first FSBD 4.3 system works perfectly find with a single scsi
> card and all devices attached to it (though it is a different) model
> tape unit.  Why would my second system barf when set up that way.

Most likely bad termination.  Make sure all the cables are seated well,
make sure you're got active terminators, and make sure that if all your
devices are LVD, you have LVD terminators.

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