Robert Storey y2kbug at
Tue May 27 17:27:15 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 28 May 2003 01:48, Jerry McAllister wrote:
 > Hello,
 > We are group of boys who have the idea to make a new OS that will
 > use FreeBSD kernel. Can you give us the not compiled kernel of FreeBSD
 > to use it? Naturally, FreeBSD will be as well advertisized in our new
 > operation system.
 >    Thank You

If you guys really have this much programming talent and ambition, I know many 
newbies like myself would be grateful if you'd write a few configuration 
utilities like a configurator for ppp, printing, and firewalls. You could 
even name it after yourselves. It would certainly take a lot less time than 
writing a new OS.


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