What is Tip used for??

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at voyager.net
Tue May 27 14:54:10 PDT 2003

         Ah, sweet.  Kinda like hyperterminal for unix.  Neat.  I'll have 
to remember that.  :)  I've been looking for a program like that for a while.

At 09:38 AM 5/27/03 -0500, Kirk Strauser wrote:
>At 2003-05-27T04:13:38Z, Dragoncrest <dragoncrest at voyager.net> writes:
> > Just curious what the program Tip was used for?  I stumbled onto it by
> > accident today and was reading the man file and was rather interested in
> > what all the general uses would be for such a program.
>I use it as a simple term program to talk to routers via a serial cable.
>Kirk Strauser

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