IBM Netstation / MWM audio support

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at
Tue May 27 08:07:53 PDT 2003

This isn't technically a FreeBSD question, but I thought someone on the
list might know about it.

I have a couple of IBM Netstation 1000's I picked up for $25. They work
great, are fast (on a 100Mb/s switched network), and light on power. My
only grumble with them is that mouse support is primitive, they can only
display 256 colors (no more, no less), and the CAPS_LOCK and CTRL keys
are switched (easily fixable through xmodmap).

They also have a MWM audio system (which I assume refers Motif Window
Manager). It appears to support 16bit audio, but I haven't yet found a way
to send audio data to it. I have the full "manual" for the Netstation, but
it is fairly vague about the audio system, only mentioning the
specifications of the Crystal audio codec. The only controls for it are
on/off and volume.

Does anyone know of a way to route audio data from FreeBSD to the audio
system on these things? While it certainly isn't a requirement, it would
be nice.

Seth Henry

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