The clock is too fast in FreeBSD!

Nan Wang nanericwang at
Tue May 27 07:17:15 PDT 2003

The clock in FreeBSD is too fast!
I tried GENERIC kernel, the BSD clock is still too fast.
the problem is on 5.0 Release, 5.1 BETA1, and 5.1 BETA2.
I have not yet tried 4.x.
I'm using PII 366Mhz Acer notebook w/ 192mb RAM ALi Chipset
but there is no problem on Win98 and Linux(Redhat 8)

I guess, in a Windows system, the timing function read time
from CMOS(Hardware Clock), where as FreeBSD just add itself
which is too dangerous for a server.

Hope the problem will be solved in future.
good luck.


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