Screen and VI

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Tue May 27 07:11:27 PDT 2003

In the last episode (May 27), Jerry McAllister said:
> > I usually fire up screen(1) in my console ttys or xterm windows,
> > and then set TERM=vt220.  This is monochrome, but all the arrow
> > keys work fine.  I even managed to make ALL the special keys like
> > Insert, DEL, Home, End, PageDown and PageUp to work 'as expected'
> > in Emacs with the following bindings in my .emacs file:

When you're inside a screen session, don't mess with TERM at all. 
Screen presets TERM and TERMCAP to precisely what it supports and
nothing more.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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