Running Dummynet

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Tue May 27 00:04:20 PDT 2003

Bill Moran wrote:
> Please use reply-all to send your replies to the mailing list
> as well.
> Fehmi wrote:
>> ipfw show:
>> 100 allow ip from any to any
>> 200 pipe 1 bw 1kbit/s delay 200ms
>> 65554 deny ip from any to any
> This actually works?  It looks to me like everything should be
> blocked by the last rule: thus no networking should work.

I have to disagree. Everything will be *allowed* by the *first* rule, 
none of the other rules will ever happen, including the last one.
This is pretty much as effective as no firewall at all.


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