Upgrading the base

Chris Spiegel freebsd at happyjack.org
Mon May 26 13:39:46 PDT 2003

It's inevitable that when upgrading FreeBSD, there will sometimes be
old, leftover stuff in /usr.  For example, I recently installed FreeBSD
4.8-RELEASE.  I cvsup'd RELENG_4_8 and noticed that some kerberos stuff
was updated.  Now I have some old binaries (k5admin, kauth, etc) in
/usr/bin.  I installed the perl5 port, using use.perl to set the default
perl to the port.  I rebuilt the base with NOPERL set, and now there are
old Perl binaries hanging around in /usr/bin, and various other Perl
things around /usr.

I'd like to know if there's a semi-easy way to figure out what stuff in
/usr isn't up to date and can be removed.  I can hack it by doing stuff

ls -l|grep -v "May 21"

in /usr/bin, to see what stuff wasn't created at the last buildworld
(which was today, the 21st of May for me).  But this seems very ugly and
can't be used automatically very easily because of things like /usr/home
and /usr/local that are updated separately.

Any tools out there to help clean up the cruft?


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