Active Directory DNS and BIND

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon May 26 12:44:49 PDT 2003

romero3000 at wrote:
> running Bind on one location and Microsoft DNS server with Active
> Direcotory integrated DNS zones at another location. Does anyone know if
> it is possible to perform zone transfers to the FreeBSD server??

Yes, named-xfer under FreeBSD works fine.  Also note that sufficiently 
modern versions of named will support the dynamic update protocol used 
by M$ clients.

 > Is it possible to perform zone transfers between an active directory 
> DNS server to a unix DNS server??? Any ideas???

Add something like the following to named.conf

zone "" {
         type slave;
         file "";
	 masters { _IP_of_M$_NS_ ; };

...and configure the M$ box to permit zone transfers from the FreeBSD 


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