pam-mysql and freebsd 4.7

Dennis Ortsen Dennis at
Mon May 26 06:12:19 PDT 2003

Hi everyone,

I'm using freebsd 4.7 and want to authenticate some services using the
pam-mysql module.
I can authenticate successfully when I use the normal out-of-the-box
methods, but when I try to use the pam-mysql module, I get nothing...

I've got postfix running, and postfix is succesfully using mysql thanks to
it's great usability. But when I want to use Courier IMAP/POP to work with
pam-mysql (in /etc/pam.conf), it doesn't appear to work at all...

Normally, when you cd yourself into a ported application
(/usr/ports/security/pam-mysql) and type make, followed by make install and
when needed,  follow any other instructions on the screen, it'll work. I
turned on loggin in mysql, so I can see any connection made and any select
statement made, but the attempts used with pam-mysql are not logged at all.
Which simply means that pam-mysql can't even connect to the mysql server.

I've been searching with my friend Google, but can't find anyhting that
might help me... It's very likely that I overlooked a few things, but I'm
kinda wandering in a maze right now... I'm stuck...

What I did was install a plain FreeBSD 4.7 from the CD's. I selected the
maximum security (which means no service is started by default). Next, I
installed a plain mysql. I installed a plain postfix with mysql support. I
installed a plain Courier-IMAP/POP3. When I use the default pam
authentication methods, no problem, everything works fine. But as soon as I
want to use pam-mysql for POP3 and IMAP, no connection is made to mysql...

What am I missing here???

Any help much appreciated..


Dennis Ortsen
Dennis at

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