booting into windows changes active partition on dualboot system

yussef yussef at
Mon May 26 02:51:06 PDT 2003

I have a dualboot system with freebsd 4.8 installed on the primary
slice, and win2k installed on the secondary slice. The OS' were
installed in this order. Ive installed many fbsd/win2k dualboot systems
before [usually with windows as the primary slice, and bsd and the
secondary], always using the fbsd boot manager, and never having any
problems going between os's. 
However, on this system, as long as i boot
into bsd all is fine. But when i boot into windows, the windows slice
becomes the active slice, thus when i reboot, i cant access either
slice. i have to boot off a fbsd cd, then rewrite the bootmanager
[resetting the bsd slice to be the bootable slice]. The other option i
have is to manually set the bsd partition as active, while still in bsd,
then rebooting works fine. I've never seen this problem before, and tho
i accept it as a sign from the unix gods as which os i should use ;) i
would still like eliminate this issue.
thank you



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