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Sun May 25 21:33:59 PDT 2003

At 4:47 PM +0200 5/25/03, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
>Hi !
>I am trying to use foomatic ( as a print
>filter under FreeBSD-4.8-RELEASE.
>Without any options, it works great.
>Now, I want to give options to the filter script.
>>From the foomatic documentation, this is done by (depending on your
>print spooler):
>lpr -Pqueue -J'option1 option2' --> for LPD
>lpr -Pqueue -o option1 -o option2 --> for GNUlpr
>lpr -Pqueue -Z option1 -Z option2 --> for LPRng
>Now, I use the standard lpd print spooler that comes with FreeBSD.
>From  the lpr man page, it says that:
>    -J job  Job name to print on the burst page.
>            Normally, the first file's name is used.
>So, should I use another switch, like -Z, although it is for LPRng ?

When printing a job, there can be two hosts involved.  There is
the host you send the job from (ie, where you typed 'lpr'), and
the host which actually prints the job to the final device.  For
most users, these are the exact same machine.

Assuming both machines are running freebsd's 'lpr' (or that there
is only one machine, and it is running freebsd's 'lpr'), then you
probably should use the -J option.

You may notice that the 'lpr' command has a -Z option.  This is
only useful if you have two machines, and if the machine which
does the actual printing to the final device is running LPRng.
Even then, I am not 100% sure that 'lpr -Z' on freebsd is exactly
the same as 'lpr -Z' when using LPRng.

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