removing base system software, part 2

Matthew Emmerton matt at
Sun May 25 19:42:43 PDT 2003

> hi all,
> i followed the procedure in the handbook for the make
> after editing make.conf.  everything worked fine.
> however, sendmail is still present on the system, as are other utilities
> telnet.  disabling them is not a problem;  i want them to be removed
> pkg_* utilities are not used to do this.  i have no packages installed
> for the man pages ( on top of the base system installation ).  how do i
> control what the base system installs?

The base system includes lots of things, including sendmail (all version of
FreeBSD) and perl (FreeBSD 4 and earlier.)  The only way to remove these
things entirely is to delete them by hand.

Matt Emmerton

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