ipfilters fails on 5.0-RELEASE

Steve Devine sdevine at dev-deuce.gotdns.com
Sun May 25 16:37:04 PDT 2003

Is anyone out there successfully using ipf or ipfnat with 5.0?
Here is what I see when calling ipf:
> ipf -Fa -f  /etc/ipf.conf
open device: No such file or directory
ioctl(SIOCIPFFL): Bad file descriptor
open device: No such file or directory
2:ioctl(add/insert rule): Bad file descriptor

When I look in /dev/ I have no ipl, ipstate, ipauth or ipnat.
I expect this has something to do with the absence of /dev/MAKEDEV Also
has LINT been replaced by GENERIC?
Thanks for whatever help you can offer .. meanwhile I will continue to RTFM.
/steve devine

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