Installation problems: filesystem is (not) full

Bill Moran wmoran at
Sun May 25 14:08:00 PDT 2003

Tom Verbreyt wrote:
> Bill Moran:
>>>However, I still want to give myself a try with FreeBSD, so I burned
>>>the mini-ISO this morning, figuring the errors back then might have
>>>been caused by bad installation media. However, the exact same
>>>problem occurs time and again.
>>4.8, right?
> No - 5.0. Is that a bad choice?

If this is your first time with FreeBSD, yes it's a bad choice.

5.0 isn't ready for mainstream use yet.  The release was cut to make
it available to as many testers as possible.  4.8 is the current
production release and you'll find:
a) More people are using it: thus better answers to questions and
    more testing.
b) 5 still has some known problems in some areas

The developers are hoping to have 5 production-ready by 5.1 or 5.2,
but until then, you should probably avoid it unless you have the time
and patience to debug, and deal with problems, etc.

> <errors>
>>>What am I doing wrong? Could someone please enlighten me...?
>>I don't know what's going wrong, but (on a hunch) can you try the (a)uto
>>option in sysinstall to auto-size the partitions and see if that works.
>>If not - I apoligize for the time wasted.
> Ah well, time isn't the issue :-) I'll give it a shot and keep you posted.
>>If it doesn't work you'll probably find it helpful to post hardware
>>details, as this could be a hardware problem.
> Oh boy... :( And I always thought, well, OpenBSD goes fine, any
> Linux distribution goes fine, even Windows goes fine :-), so FreeBSD
> shouldn't be a problem.
> Anyway. I'll try it with the autosizing.
> Thanks for the advice,
> Tom

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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