jail and ping/traceroute

Bjarne Hansen bjarne at basepoint.no
Sun May 25 12:30:25 PDT 2003


I have set up a freebsd 5.0-current  box and successfully createt a jail. It
works find and I installed apache, mysql and rtg inside the jail.

I can not get rtg to work towords my switches and think it is relatet to the
server and not the switches, since I can not use ping nor traceroute.

Shuld ping, traceroute and a program like rtg work inside a jail?

I don't know if the sysctl security.jail.socket_unixiproute_only=1 have
anything to do with this problem?

How can I change this behavor and if I can must I remake the jail from sorce
to make it work?

Bjarne Hansen

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