Bill Moran wmoran at
Sun May 25 09:46:37 PDT 2003

Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> Selon Bill Moran <wmoran at>: 
>>>Are you sure the standard LPD spooler in FBSD is LPRng ? 
>>Whatever gave you that idea? 
> You did; you said the -Z option should work, and it is for LPRng spoolers.

I said the -Z option should work: based on what the man page for lpr

>>You could try installing LPRng (i believe it's in ports) and using 
>>that instead. 
> Yes I know, I just wanted to work with the regular spooler. I guess I'll 
> install cups then. 

Sometimes you gotta ... unless you want to hack the source to make it

Bill Moran
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