Bill Moran wmoran at
Sun May 25 07:59:31 PDT 2003

Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> Hi !
> I am trying to use foomatic ( as a print 
> filter under FreeBSD-4.8-RELEASE.
> Without any options, it works great.
> Now, I want to give options to the filter script.
> From the foomatic documentation, this is done by (depending on your 
> print spooler):
> lpr -Pqueue -J'option1 option2' --> for LPD
> lpr -Pqueue -o option1 -o option2 --> for GNUlpr
> lpr -Pqueue -Z option1 -Z option2 --> for LPRng
> Now, I use the standard lpd print spooler that comes with FreeBSD. From 
> the lpr man page, it says that:
> -J job  Job name to print on the burst page.  Normally, the first file's 
> name is used.
> So, should I use another switch, like -Z, although it is for LPRng ?

According to the docs, it certainly looks like you should use -Z (capital).

If this works, it would be a good idea to send an email to the maintainer
of foomatic to request that he update his docs.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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