Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Sun May 25 04:31:12 PDT 2003

# dick at / 2003-05-25 13:18:28 +0200:
> I have to set the "PACKAGESITE" for pkg_add or portinstall -PP to work
> properly, but I cannot find where to do this.
> I search the manual/handbook for a location, but alas..
> Does anybody know how and where to set this, so I can do a
> "portupgrade -PPrR kde" and get the latest 3.1.2-packages?

    this is a basic-shell-usage question.

    bourne shell compatible:

    PACKAGESITE= portupgrade -PPrR kde


    export PACKAGESITE=
    portupgrade -PPrR kde


    env PACKAGESITE= portupgrade -PPrR kde


    setenv PACKAGESITE
    portupgrade -PPrR kde

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