Installation problems: filesystem is (not) full

Tom Verbreyt tom at
Sun May 25 02:04:52 PDT 2003

Hey all,

New to the lists, new to FreeBSD, so please kindly forgive me if this
isn't the right place for my question (tough choice anyway, since
there are that many different lists...).

Some weeks ago, I already tried to install FreeBSD, but since I was
quite busy, I didn't bother to search for a solution for the errors I
encountered. OpenBSD went right, but in the end, I chose to go
back to Debian.

However, I still want to give myself a try with FreeBSD, so I burned
the mini-ISO this morning, figuring the errors back then might have
been caused by bad installation media. However, the exact same
problem occurs time and again.

Basically, installation is - ehm... smooth sailing, at least, until the point
where real installation should start. I create a slice, create partitions
and select a distribution set. Then, however, installation fails. These
are some random notes I took (copied):

write failure on transfer (wrote -1 bytes of 240640 bytes)
unable to transfer the base distribution from acd0
/ : write failed, filesystem is full

and on VT4:

pid 131 (cpio), uid 0 inumber 171 on /: filesystem is full

Those errors are quite clear to me, but I can't think of any reason
for the root filesystem to be full... I devoted all of my HD to FBSD,
so how could it possibly be full! :-s Anyway, at that point, I can't
exit the installer, a never-ending cycle of trying to retrieve the files
again and telling that it won't succeed starts, so basically, I then
just shut the power down and remain with a useless machine... :-)

I don't recall my exact partitioning scheme, but root had about 1.5
gigs, and /usr got 2,5. For a minute, I remembered the I/O-thingy
I read about in the book, but also that it defaults to "enabled". So
I'm lost.

What am I doing wrong? Could someone please enlighten me...?

If so, thanks a lot in advance...



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