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Sat May 24 15:37:31 PDT 2003

On Sat, 24 May 2003 17:40:24 -0400, Bill Moran <wmoran at> 

> m110111 wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I downloaded FreeBSD 5.0 and when I try to install, I saw "No Cd/DVD ROM
>> Avabilibe...chceck supported hardware..." - or something like that. What
>> I should do to install FreeBSD? It will be my first UNIX system.
> If this is your first Unix, you should install 4.8.
> 5.0 is not ready for mass consumption.  It is provided so developers can
> help get it ready for broad usage.  It still has lots of problems.

Yes it does, but one of them isn't lack of support for the Pioneer DVD-106S 
player, which is the equivalent of my DVD-116, except the 106S is a slot 
player and mine is tray-loaded.  The DVD-116 has worked beautifully under 
4-STABLE through a 4.8 release candidate or two, then 5.0-RELEASE, and now 

Bill's advice to go with 4.8 first, however, is still correct.  You should 
have an easier time finding answers to your questions using the available 
resources (for instance, Google Groups searches of the FreeBSD mailing 
lists, including this one).  If you are still stumped after looking around 
for the answers, you'll also find it easier to get your questions answered 
on this list using the 4-series for two reasons:

(1) More people use it and know it than the 5-series.

(2) Folks using the 5-series should be able to resolve most problems for 

So - install 4.8, see if you can get it to work, and if not, come back to 
the list with questions.


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