var used space is not right

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Sat May 24 09:21:19 PDT 2003

"David Loszewski" <dave at> writes:

> I have a troubling problem that I can't seem to figure out.  For the
> past week my /var has been keep filling up on me, mostly because I
> have a 500MB /var partition and it says that 452MB of it is used but
> only 772K is available.  For one I did a du -sh /var and I'm only
> taking up 5.9MB in the var directory and I tried adding up space
> elsewhere to see if the space is going anywhere else but it's still
> not adding up.

Check the FAQ titled "The du and df commands show different amounts of
disk space available. What is going on?"

>                 And Even if I have 452MB used, which I don't, I should
> still have like 48MB left to use.  Ideas on what's going on here?

Check the FAQ titled "How is it possible for a partition to be more
than 100% full?"

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