Need help installing freebsd 5

Teilhard Knight teilhk at
Sat May 24 06:09:38 PDT 2003

On Saturday 24 May 2003 01:15, john lee wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to freebsd, could someone please help me
> in installing freebsd verson 5 or tell where i could
> get help. I follow the installation's guide in the
> website, but i still have problems, in
> some of the steps in the installation guide.
> Step1: when I boot my computer with the cd-rom, I
> couldn't get to the kernel configuration menu.
> I even try the following command at prompt:  BOOT DKAO
> -FLAG " -FILE "
> (I also try this without cd boot up. with "boot: "
> prompt)
> but I get message of: DKAO not find
> When skip the kernel configuration step install
> standard installation.
> I have: "port can't assigned " error message in "
> vitty"
> please let me where I could find some help. thank!

As for question 1, there is no kernel configuration menu in the installation 
of 5.0.

As for the second question I can only make a suggestion. Disable "plug and 
play support" (set it to "no") in the BIOS, before you attempt to do 
anything. UNIX systems simply do not detect things OK when that option is 
enabled. Good luck.

Teilhard Knight
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