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Fri May 23 17:10:45 PDT 2003

> Hello there,
First either set your Email client to break lines (insert a LF) at 
about 72 characters, or learn to hit the RETURN/ENTER key regularly.
You make it hard to respond.

> My name is Karim, and me and a couple of friends are interested in 
> developing an Open Source flavour of *nix (Not Linux though... its not 
> fast enough) similar to Mac OS X in its look and feel (lotsa eye-candy), 
> anyways we were wondering where we could get the source for the latest 
> FreeBSD kernel (Without having to download the entire set of CD's, else 
> we do have a set of 4.7 and you could just let me know on which CD the 
> kernel resides), 

The kernel is made up of many parts.  It is not a single thing at
the source level   
   Try going to  /usr/src/sys/i386/conf  (home of kernel config files)
     cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
   copy the file GENERIC to something - say G2  for this example
     cp GENERIC  G2
   then build the kernel as follows
     /usr/sbin/config G2
     cd ../../compile/G2
     make depend

You will see the kernel built in front of your eyes.   
For even more fun stuff rolling by on the screen, copy the file 
called LINT instead of GENERIC and then do the build.   it's got more 
stuff - but they might have conflicts.

Check the Makefiles upon Makefiles and you will see what files are 

Then, try thinking building your system as some kind of "shell" for
the existing whole FreeBSD instead of just grabbing the kernel.
You'll get better results.

Have fun,


and if we were to design an OS around it besides the obvious (Giving credit to the FBSD dev team as stated under the BSD license) would there be any other issues in the copyright/copyleft?? any information/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. also is there any online resource guides on the FreeBSD kernel??
> Thanx in Advance,
> Karim F. Ali

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