4.8 upgrade and Lynx

Bob Hall rjhalljr at starpower.net
Fri May 23 08:40:24 PDT 2003

I've just completed an upgrade from FBSD 4.4 to 4.8. I've got 
a cable connection to my ISP. Under 4.4, I could use Lynx 
w/out any problem. Under 4.8, I can use Lynx as root, but not 
as an ordinary user. I can ping and nslookup w/ either account. 
It is only w/ the user account that I have problems with http. 
The Lynx error message is "Unable to connect to remote host", 
or something similar. This occures w/ and w/out a firewall, 
and w/ and w/out local DNS, and w/ and w/out NAT. I assume that 
there's a permissions problem somewhere, but I have no idea 
where. I've spent a day searching on- and off-line documentation 
and playing w/ the system, but haven't found the cause. Can 
anyone give me any tips on tracing the problem?

Bob Hall

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