network settings auto-config?

John DeStefano deesto at
Fri May 23 07:33:36 PDT 2003

I'm running FreeBSD 5.0, and I'm having trouble with some network settings.  I am sure this is something of my own doing, but the OS keeps re-configuring some of my network files (for example, /etc/resolv.conf), which is causing some flaky behavior.  I used to be able to ssh to the box remotely; now, I can only ssh from the same box to the box itself, and only using the loopback IP address.  No other host names or IPs work, and I can't ssh remotely.
Regarding resolv.conf: even though I entered "search <localDomain>" dunring initial setup, each time I check the file, this line disappears.  I noticed also that something seems to be auto-resolving my ISP's DNS servers and adding their entries to resolv.conf, which would be fine if it didn't keep erasing my entries!
Thanks for the help.

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