changing the default log in shell

Steven Wiltshire steven at
Fri May 23 05:08:07 PDT 2003


chsh -s /path/to/new/shell



William Scully wrote:

>When I installed 4.7, I chose bash as the default log in shell. I have come
>to prefer tcsh and would like to make that the default. What is the best
>way to go about that? Of course, I can switch shells on the fly, but I
>want to avoid that extra step of cahnging from bash to tcsh, and instead
>log straight into tcsh from the log- in prompt.
>After using Linux for a few years, I changed tp FreeBSD a bit more than
>a year ago and am very pleased. Thank you for making Unix a pleasure
>to use, even as a non-professional like me. I hope I can volunteer my
>services in some way in the future.
>Thanks in advance,
>Bill Scully
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