RAM in a Compaq 2500.

Wm. Allen Vonderschmidt allen at vonderschmidt.org
Thu May 22 13:42:21 PDT 2003

	Thanks, by the time I got this from you I had already received a
suggestion to add 'option  MAXMEM="262144"  ' into the kernel and
recompile it.  That has solved the issue.  Thanks for the quick response
to both Dan and Jon Gross.


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In the last episode (May 22), Wm. Allen Vonderschmidt said:
> 	I have a Compaq 2500 with 256MB of RAM installed.  I have
removed the 
> Win2K server installed and replaced it with FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE.  
> According to sysctl I seem to only have 12MB of RAM
> (hw.physmem: 12099584).  Win2K was seeing all 256MB until it was 
> replaced.  Any suggestions as to where to check for the disconnect?
> 	Thanks in advance.

Compaq's don't return the right values to the BIOS memory calls, so you
have to override the results.  Try adding this to /boot/loader.conf:


	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at allantgroup.com

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