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> Dear All,
> I'm trying to get my computer to shut down and turn the power off.
> I'm aware of the command "shutdown -p now". It doesn't work for me,
> and after reading the handbook, I conclude that I must not have ACPI
> supported hardware. However, with Linux (and Windows) on this same
> computer, I can tell the machine to shut down and turn off the power.
> In Linux, this requires that the apm module be loaded - enabling apm
> in FBSD doesn't seem to do the trick for me (or do I need to recompile
> the kernel for this to work?).

This may not necessarily work for you, but I had a similar problem, and got
it solved by making the following change to my kernel configuration file.
Look for this:

# Power management support (see LINT for more options)
device      apm0  at nexus? disable flags 0x20 # Advanced Power Management

And change it to:

device      apm0  at nexus?

And recompile. That did the rick for me. :)

- Mark

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