restore over ssh hangs

David Landgren david at
Thu May 22 08:08:39 PDT 2003


I've implemented backups with dump/restore over ssh to a remote 
server. The backups work just fine, basically doing something like

dump -0au -f - / | bzip2 | ssh \
     dd of=/backup/root.bz2

Now backups are only useful if you can restore from them... so I 
deleted a file and then tried to restore it. I figured the command 
would be

ssh dd if=/backup/root.bz2 | bunzip2 \
     | restore -vxf - etc/foo

This produces the following output:

Verify tape and initialize maps
Dump   date: Thu May 22 11:52:45 2003
Dumped from: the epoch
Level 0 dump of /home on
Label: none
Extract directories from tape
Initialize symbol table.
Make node ./david
Extract requested files
extract file ./etc/foo
Add links
Set directory mode, owner, and times.
set owner/mode for '.'? [yn] y
set owner/mode for '.'? [yn] y
set owner/mode for '.'? [yn] y

That is, it asked me this question 3 times interactively, and now it's 
   just hanging there. On the remote machine top says that dd is in 
sbwait state. On the local machine top says the ssh process is in 
select. Moreover, the bunzip2 and restore processes have exited.

And my file hasn't been restored :(

I could always ferry the entire dump file over, decompress it and then 
restore from it, but the files in question are pretty colossal, and at 
some point down the road I won't have enough free space to do it anyway.

Thanks for any clues I can use.


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