ipfw rules for low-end server??

Tommy Forrest tforrest at shellworld.net
Thu May 22 05:18:56 PDT 2003

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Chuck Swiger wrote:

> > Should I use ipfw "dynamic" or "stateful" rules?
> Given that you are doing NAT, you might try using dynamic rules
> (keep-state/check-state), but how you configure your firewall rules
> should be based more on what's simple, easy to understand, and does the job.
And if you can actually get dynamic rules to work w/o timing out on you in
25 seconds on FBSD 4.8, please, let me know.  I've about pulled out the
last hair on my head with the install of 4.8 I have.  Telnet out, let it
sit for 25 seconds and bickitie bam, no more connection - even though
checking the rules, shows the telnet rule has 275 seconds left before a
keep-alive test.  Problem exists with ipfw2 as well.

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