Logitech MX700 Cordless under FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE

Tommy Forrest tforrest at shellworld.net
Thu May 22 05:15:48 PDT 2003

Jesse -

Are you using the mouse on a PS/2 connector or USB connector?  When I was
testing a USB KVM with my MX700 I had no problems disconnecting and then
reconnecting it.  It took FBSD 4.8 about 3 seconds to reinit the mouse.
I've noticed the mouse can be pretty finickie when using the PS/2

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Jesse D. Guardiani wrote:

> Howdy list,
> I'm having trouble with this mouse under FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE.
> If I attach the mouse and then boot FreeBSD, it works great, but
> if I disconnect the mouse while FreeBSD is running, moused fails
> to notice that the mouse is gone and keeps running.
> In addition, reconnecting the mouse fails to, well, reconnect
> the mouse.
> kill -HUP on the moused process doesn't work either.
> Usually, (like, under crappy Windows XP), I just connect the
> mouse and press the "connect" button on the mouse's base station.
> A little green light will blip, signifying that the base station
> is ready to rock, then I press connect on the mouse and it works.
> Under FreeBSD, pressing "connect" doesn't display the little green
> light. Is it possible that the base station isn't getting power?
> I did NOT use special logitech drivers under windows XP. I just
> used the standard USB mouse driver (actually, I didn't have to
> install anything, so I guess that means it was the standard
> driver.)
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.
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