NAT on two interfaces

vikashb at vikashb at
Wed May 21 21:21:31 PDT 2003


I currently have a server that with two NICS (fxp0 and xl0) performs NAT 
(using ipfw and natd) between two subnets as follows:
The NATD interface is fxp0

on fxp0
this setup works fine but I need to add NAT onto xl0 interface
the requirement is as sunch:

any address from the fxp0 subnet ( is allowed to connect
to fxp0 ipaddress ( which will do a redirect to

this will work if i allow can route to
However i can not route this subnet since its used on the backbone routers.

My question is can i set up nat (or ipnat) to do nating on two interfaces
in the following manner and how : connects to which should get redirected to and have a source address of

please advise,


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