4.8-Stable, IP Filter, IPv6 issues.

Steven Wiltshire steven at mig15.net
Wed May 21 16:18:23 PDT 2003


I'm having problems with my IPv6 tunnel and IP Filter. I'm running 
FreeBSD 4.8-Stable, IP Filter 3.4.31, and tunneling through he.net.

My tunnel is set up correctly - it works when I take IP Filter down.

Obviously, with IP Filter denying everything I don't specifically allow, 
I need to allow something for my tunnel to work. I've tried creating 
special rules for my IPv6 tunnel interface and loading them with the -6 
option, I've tried allowing protocol 41 through all interfaces, allowing 
everything through both my tunnel and Internet interfaces, etc, and 
nothing I've tried has worked.

I'm probably missing something fairly obvious, only I have no idea what.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :)


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