SONY CDRW CRX 120E *solved*

Alin-Adrian Anton aanton at
Wed May 21 14:28:11 PDT 2003

Original problem: 

Freebsd with Sony CDRW CRX 120E locks on boot.


Disabling auto-detection from BIOS for the device worked out fine, but only on 
4.x series, on 5.x is still not working.

I removed 5.0 and put 4.7 back, and it works just fine. Thanks to Mr. Gheorghe 
for the advice.


As I removed the 5 and installed 4.7, I lost the mails and I do not remember 
on what list did I get the solution, and I am sorry for an aproximate subject 
which may force most of you look at this.

I appologise to all of you, sorry, I just could not skip thanking.


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