ipfw rules for low-end server??

Sergey Akifyev asa at gascom.ru
Wed May 21 05:55:41 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 04:10, Andras Kende wrote:
> Hello All,

> Have PIII-450, 386Mb FreeBSD 4.8 machine as natd gateway (2 NIC) for around
> 100 computers.
You call this low-end? LOL! :)))

> To minimize load on the machine which would be the best options??
> Should I use ipfw "dynamic" or "stateful" rules?
See below...

> Also should set to kernel with: option IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE for debugging
> purposes if needed
> but disable logging firewall_logging=NO at rc.conf ?
> I want to allow everything to go out, only 22tcp,80tcp 53udp and 25tcp
> (port_forwading) to in...
Actually, you don't need any ipfw rules (except for 1 divert) for such
configuration. Just configure natd, and run it with -d switch. And, as
you see, you should debug only natd, so verbose firewall is unnecessary.
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