Recomendation for a lightweigth window manager

Richard Mahoney rbm49 at
Tue May 20 18:05:42 PDT 2003

On Tue, May 20, 2003 at 06:30:10PM -0400, stan wrote:

> I'm setting up a machine to sue as a dedicated replacement for an alarm
> printer on a control system.
> I was not planing to use a window manager at all, and I actually have a
> rather nice looking X session with no borders working. However, now I have
> a request to add a browser to allow looking at some web based stuff.
> I want to setup a user interface where the operators can iconify, and
> resize windows, but not close them. The machine in question is only a P at .
> So what would you recommend for a very lightweight window manager for this
> application?

Certainly consider PWM :

For some screen shots see my site : &c.

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