freeBSD 4.8

hetnik wired hetnikofthewired at
Tue May 20 12:55:35 PDT 2003

Hello, i'm going to be making ISOs of the Free BSD 4.8 OS and noticed that 
their isn't a disc 3 or 4 on the ftp in the ISO 4.8 image directory. I was 
wondering if I can just take the 4.7 disc 3 and 4, make them into ISO and if 
they will still be compatible with the 4.8 version? I thought this might 
work due to that the 3rd and 4th disc are just 3rd party packages. If this 
isn't possible, does one of the FTP have a 4.8 version 3rd and 4th disc? 
Thanks for your time, bye


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