FreeBSD 5 Install Options

Ben Jamer ben_jamer7 at
Tue May 20 12:32:14 PDT 2003

Hello! I haven't gotten the chance to use FreeBSD yet,
do I figured I would grab an old 486 and install it.
Now, I just have a few questions before installation.
First of all, the computer doesn't have a working
Cd-Rom drive, so I am going to have to use floppies to
install it, but is it possible to put all the files I
would need onto the harddrive, and then install
directly from it, rather than using just floppies? It
says a bit about this in the handbook and
install.txt/htm, but I just want to make sure I
understand before copying files over to the other
computer for hours. Okay, now the second question,
which I also found a bit of info on in the handbook,
but want to make sure I understand before actually
installing. I have a second harddrive which I want to
install FreeBSD on, so I just need to make sure to
have a Primary partition on the second drive, and
install it there, right? At times in the instructions,
it says to copy all the files to the C: and install it
there, but I already have another OS there, and want
FreeBSD to go on the second harddrive. Sorry for
asking questions which the instructions probably
answer, but I just want to make sure I know what I'm
doing before I install it. Thanks!
Ben Jamer

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