PCI Wireless NICs for 4.x/5.x

Matthew Ryan matt at overdose.com
Tue May 20 10:25:09 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, May 20, 2003, at 05:39 PM, Tiarnan O'Corrain wrote:

> Hello--
> are there any PCI wireless NICs that are known to work with
> Freebsd 4/5 that support the 802.11b standard? I would like
> to use a FreeBSD box as a gateway/firewall/

Yes, most wireless cards are supported, look in 
Don't edit this file though, if you need to change anything, you can 
create /etc/pccard.conf to override the default.

See man pccard.conf and man pccardd.

> wireless access point, so it would have to be able for (I)BSS.

Only the Prism II cards and the Cisco cards will work properly as 
access points.
Use "Host AP"

The Wavelan cards and driver claim to be up to the job but I've yet to 
see it work. Don't bother. I've tried every firmware version and it's 
just broken.

> Specifically, do any of the following work, or are any of them
> known *not* to work:
> SMC EZ Connect Wireless PCI 11Mbps (uses SMC2602 V.2)
Fortunately this card works a treat using Host AP. You should be up in 
no time.

> Zyxel ZyAir B-300 PCI

Don't know about this one, I suggest you Google for Prism II to get a 

Matthew Ryan

Matt at overdose.com

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