caching server don't work

Eduardo Viruena Silva mrspock at
Mon May 19 23:44:01 PDT 2003

On Mon, 19 May 2003, pat bey wrote:

> Is there anyone who can help me.  I tried everywhere  I running FBSD4.6
> BIND 8.3.2  and I follow the handbook on running namedb in a sandbox.
> Before I try to install namedb. I could ping my router, nic, and
> with 0 packet loss.
> After installing namedb I now can't ping
> anywhere but my nic.  dig gives me a server failed message

You mean, by name, don't you?
You can ping them using their IPs, can't you ?

Is named running?

Sometimes, when configuring a DNS, we humans make mistakes.
Are you absolutely sure your DNS tables are correctly written?
To verify everything is alright, you can do:

	# killall -HUP named
	# tail /var/log/messages

you must see something like this:

May 20 00:36:43 Isabeau named[30684]: reloading nameserver
May 20 00:36:43 Isabeau named[30684]: Ready to answer queries.

Isabeau is the name of my DNS.

Hope it helps.


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