freebsd4.8 + apache

Paul Miller paul_m_nz at
Mon May 19 19:56:50 PDT 2003

I'm probably doing something silly but I cannot seem to get this working.

Installed freebsd4.8 and apache1.3.  PC is located in LAN and gave PC host 
name.  Full domain name was therefore pcname.domain.*.* ....

Within the LAN the PC is probably known as something else (this could be the 
issue however).

When I try to run httpd I get the following error :
mod_unique_id: unable to gethostbyname("pcname.domain.*.*")

Email archives have some assistance but it is in German.  Any assistance 
would be greatly appreciated.



Can you please cc the reply since I'm not subscribed under this e-mail 

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