Dummynet/Traffic Shaping problem

abdul freebsd at citizensbankng.com
Mon May 19 09:04:36 PDT 2003

Hi all,
I read about Dummynet and Traffic Shaping to enable me fix a problem on my
network but I am not too clear about it. I have read the man page and the
mail archive but found little help.
I run version 4.7 and all the necessary ipfw kernel options have been

I have a 128kb Internet access which gets very slow during peak hours.
I want to reserve/dedicate a protion (say 64kb) of this link to to some urls
which we use for official duties (eg OR limit general
Internet usage to just a portion (say 64kb), hence making the remainder
exclusively available for such official duties.

This is what I did:

ipfw pipe 10 config bw 64kbit/s queue 15kbytes
ipfw queue 10 config weight 60 pipe 10
ipfw queue 10 ip from any to

I did not notice any change.
Is this configuration okay for my problem? Or can anyone help me with a
better one?
How can I confirm if a configuration is working properly?


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