Hardware problem

Sergiu Pojoga zeus at mail.md
Mon May 19 00:26:43 PDT 2003

Hello FreeBSD,

I tried this card on two different PC and the result is the same. I
posted the dmesg.boot and dmesg.boot2 (the card was changed to another
PCI slot).
No conflicts shows the irq assignment during post processing.
I disabled PNP OS from BIOS - no result.
I forgot to mention that this card works with no problem under WinXP
on the same PC with the same configuration.

Is it this card (SMC 2602W) really supported by FreeBSD? As far as I
know there is 2602W v1 which is a PCMCIA card with a PCI convertor and
v2 (mine) which is a true PCI card, while man wi show (SMC 2602 EZ
Connect (3.3V) | Prism-II | PCI or PCMCIA).

I'm out of ideas? What about you?

Thank you for your support.

J> Try moving pci card to different slot on motherboard. Not first or
J> last slot.
J> Be sure plug-n-play is turned off in PC bios.
J> Post dmesg.boot file so we can review boot log to verify your
J> findings.
J> Check PC irq assignments displayed during PC post processing for 2
J> devices using same irq

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J> Hello FreeBSD,

J> Recently I bought a Wireless PCI card (SMC Ez Connect 2602W) being
J> sure of the fact that it is supported by the FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE as
J> it
J> is writtent in the Hardware Notes (support for Wireless SMC 2632W,
J> 2602W).
J> Well seems that it is not supported. While booting my wireless card
J> is
J> shown as pci0(unknown card). I even rebuild the kernel with support
J> for wi driver but it won't appear in ifconfig.

J> Please help me with this problem, as I must choose between keeping
J> this card or buying another which is supported by FreeBSD.

J> Hope to hear from you soon.

J> --
J> Best regards,
J>  Sergiu                          mailto:zeus at mail.md

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Best regards,
 Sergiu                            mailto:zeus at mail.md
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