Weird as* sound problem

Iain Templeton iain.templeton at
Sun May 18 20:55:15 PDT 2003

Remington L wrote:

--Original Message--:
>Well disabling ACPI is an option but im waiting until 5.1, as it stands with
>5.0 I go into kernel panic on disable. Unfortunetly my skill level is not up
>to par with yours so I'm afraid it would be hard to pass on information. I
>have tried ogle though on my machine, I am getting the same problem.

Well, I was using 5.1-BETA with no improvement. I kept meaning to write to
the list but hadn't done so. Now that I know somebody else has the problem,
I'm likely to do more about it. I suspect your kernel panic is likely to
be the same as mine (which still happens with 5.1-BETA as of a couple of
weeks ago).

>BUT I have done alittle testing. As you know I have to move my mouse
>constantly in order to hear sound. I found another the thing I can do that
>does it.  If I ping flood(ping -i 0 -s 4 another machine my
>sound works, but only on another machine, not if I do it to myself or
>The question now is what do moving my mouse and ping flooding have in common

Well, if you are using the USB mouse (which your dmesg says you have), and
your network card is either the fxp0 or something plugged into the pcmcia
slot, then they (and the sound card) all share irq 9.

This tends to support my idea. If anything sharing irq 9 gets an interrupt,
all the things on irq 9 get a chance to run. This includes the sound card,
so the driver then notices it has interrupts and does stuff with them.

Other than trying to get the sound interrupts working (a thing I don't know
how to do) I can't suggest much else. The flood ping is an interesting idea
which I might try, since I have nothing plugged into my network port :-)

(I normally use the builtin trackpad thingy which is on psm0, which isn't irq 9
so that won't work, and trying to watch a DVD whilst wiggling the mouse might
give me RSI).

Have you tried the laptop with FreeBSD 4.X? I haven't tried mine, but it
might do something differently that works (ie not use ACPI). Hmm, it'll 
probably panic... I should find a spare CD and try it.


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