Weird as* sound problem

Remington L. madriax at
Sun May 18 19:52:19 PDT 2003

Well disabling ACPI is an option but im waiting until 5.1, as it stands with
5.0 I go into kernel panic on disable. Unfortunetly my skill level is not up
to par with yours so I'm afraid it would be hard to pass on information. I
have tried ogle though on my machine, I am getting the same problem.

BUT I have done alittle testing. As you know I have to move my mouse
constantly in order to hear sound. I found another the thing I can do that
does it.  If I ping flood(ping -i 0 -s 4 another machine my
sound works, but only on another machine, not if I do it to myself or

The question now is what do moving my mouse and ping flooding have in common

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>FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE-p7
>I have a Sony VAIO GRX570 with a YAMAHA AC-XG Audio. My sound works on in
>XMMS playing mp3s, here is the catch, the sound dies the second I stop
>moving the mouse. How the helldoes that work and how do I fix it
> [dmesg trimmed]

Hmm. I have the same problem with a Vaio PCG-R505TFP. Looking at your
dmesg it looks like it is basically the same motherboard chipset
but with different processor (mine's a PIII-M 1200).

Anyway, I did a little bit of snooping and found that pcm0's interrupt
seem to be getting as far as the interrupt handler (via judicious use of

The symptom I have is is that xmms doesn't work at all, and ogle works for
one samples worth of data (probably because pcm0 and the DVD-ROM on firewire
share irq 9).

Have you tried booting the machine with ACPI disabled? All mine does is
in what might be the PNPBIOS code. I expect that if/when you use Windows on
the machine the sound works fine?

I can also supply fairly verbose boot messages (with lotsa ACPI debug) and
extracted DSDT files if necessary (although not until tomorrow).

(Personally I blame interrupt routing, but I have no evidence at all to
back that up).


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